Monday, January 16, 2012

First 2012 Fatal Accident:Carterton hot air balloon crash 7-Jan-2012

The first serious air accident in 2012 does not come from a plane not even a helicopter as someone would imagine but from a hot air ballon.Witnesses said that they saw the ballon hitting some 33kv subtransmission power lines causing the basket to catch fire.Making things worse two passengers in a shear fear for their lives jumped off the basket from an unspecified height resulting in fatal injuries(they were found 200 meters away from the accident site) as well as the other occupants who stayed and had the same luck as the ones that jumped.Except from the experienced pilot who had 10000hours in flying hot air balloons all of the passengers were just sightseers 8 of them being couples and the other 2 cousins.This is the second deadliest hot air ballon accident the first being in Australia killing also 13 people.

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