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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

News: Air France Flight 447 wreckage found!

 Flight 447 was a scheduled commercial flight from Rio De Janeiro to Paris that crashed over the Atlantic June 1st, 2009 killing all 228 on board. Since then there have been already 3 major attempts of locating the wreckage on the rugged terrain of the Atlantic bottom,but all of them failed to locate the very valuable to the investigation black boxes.These boxes are equipped with radio beacon locators to help trace them in the event of a crash but their battery life lasts approximately 2 months and combined with the vast depth and the rough bottom of the sea, it was almost impossible to trace them within the time limit. Many conspiracies have been flying around as to what have downed the aircraft . Some say from terrible storm, whereas others attribute the accident to instrument failure, nevertheless, nothing can be proved until the 2 black boxes are found with valuable information from the last minutes of the flight. The one and only certain thing is that a few moments before crashing the plane sent some automated messages through satellites to the maintenance facility at France indicating multiple system failure.The most serious of these messages referred that the plane was losing altitude and speed fast (for more information regarding these messages read fourth and last attempt started on February 2011 using state of the art technology and help from many countries including Brazil,USA and France. On April 2nd the wreckage of the plane was finally located at a depth of around 4000meters with around 50 bodies still inside. The debris was found to be lying in a relatively flat and silty area of the ocean floor as opposed to the extremely mountainous topography that was originally believed to be AF447's final resting place. The team is determined to bring up the wreckage and the bodies within a week from now for further investigation and final relief for the families of the victims. Investigators are confident that also the black boxes will be soon found as well  .Air France and Airbus have been charged with manslaughter charges in March 2011 even though the investigation is still open and the crash not yet explained.The accident was the deadliest in the history of France and it was the first fatal accident involving an Airbus A330 while in passenger service, and remained the only fatal accident involving the A330 until Afriqiyah Airways Flight 771 crashed in May 2010 in Tripoli,Libya. Authors opinion:Finding the reason of the crash is very important for Airbus because it may reveal problems that exist in other A330's as well, flying around the world, for example there have been some incidents such as Qantas Flight 72 and 68 where the ADIRU unit that supplies air data (airspeed,angle of attack and altitude) and inertial reference (position and attitude) gave false readings causing the aircrafts to do sudden uncommanded manoeuvres resulting in minor to serious injuries to the passengers.Story under development keep in touch!...