Monday, May 2, 2011

News:Air France Flight 447 Flight Data Recorder found!

            One of the 2 black boxes containing valuable information from the crash of flight 447 has been found.Till now we know it is the FDR,it records millions of different flight parameters such as how the aircraft behaved few minutes before the crash and generally how the systems and flight surfaces worked at this time.This is a major breakthrough because it will help substantially the effort to find the reason of the crash of flight 447.Although it is noted that because of the high depth and long time (around 2 years in the bottom of the ocean) it is still not sure if investigators are able to retrieve any information from its memory module.Preliminary reports claim that the aircraft encountered bad weather and malfunctioning equipment,there is still no rock solid evidence to what had really caused the crash and the loss of 228 souls on board.The other black box still missing is called CVR,it records all the cockpit conversations between the pilots and the tower and sometimes from unknown or not crew related persons in the cockpit.