Saturday, December 29, 2012

TODAY: A Russian Red Wing Airlines Tu-204 overruns rumway at Vnukovo International Airport with 12 onboard 8 perished

Cockpit section detached from the rest aircraft
                                                     video of the crash from a car camera

Red Wings Flight 9268: Crashed after overrunning the runway at Moscow Vnukovo International Airport following a flight from the Pardubice Airport, Czech Republic. The aircraft broke up and caught fire after landing. There were only 8 crew members onboard from wich only 4 survived the accident.The aircraft split into three sections upon landing. The cockpit section of the aircraft became detached from the rest of the airframe(as you can see above).The Airport was closed for several hours and emergency crews were late because of some maintenance issues with the firefighting vehicles.Story developing...

The aircraft involved in the accident (RA-64047)