Saturday, September 21, 2013

Discussion: Future of this Blog

      I know it is being while since i have posted anything at all but it is actually a nice feeling cause it means not a lot of crashes,haha kidding.Truth is that the last 2 years even though there is great economic recession the aviation industry is strangely at its safest rates for this decade,at least that is what the statistics show considering the number of crashes and fatalities of big airliners.Anyways because i have a lot of work to do in real life those days and this is a side project i don't have time to improve this site more and because it is a side project and not my job(yes i still do it for free :) no annoying ads,pop ups etc.) the pace is slow by just posting significant air crashes and letting the small ones slip by.
      I have created a Facebook page quite some time ago and maybe we can continue discussing there aviation matters and more and also about any ideas you guys have about how can i improve this blog by adding more content,buttons,options etc. the link is
you can like and star talking with other readers of the blog.Lets meet up :)