Monday, April 2, 2012

News: ATR-72 UTair Flight 120 Tyumen, Russia 2-4-2012

   The ATR-72  with 43 souls on-board had crashed just after take-off,killing 32 out of them.The crew attempted an emergency landing one mile from the airport but apparently failed as the aircraft crashed and caught fire immediately after hitting the ground hard.Circumstances of the crashes are still sketchy but the flight data recorders have been found and they should soon shed some light to what had actually brought down the rather safe french-italian made plane.All of the 11 survivors have sustained critical injuries and are in serious condition in a hospital at the city of Tyumen.UTair is a domestic Russian carrier with generally good safety record but a few notable incidents and accidents the last 6 years.Russia has a notoriously bad air accident record but it has shown signs of improvement.In September although, 44 people, including the entire Lokomotiv Yaroslavl ice hockey team, were killed in a plane crash that investigators found was caused by pilot error.
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 VP-BYZ the actual aircraft involved in the accident in better days

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