Monday, April 30, 2012

Educational: Deliberate crash of a B727 in Mexico for the shake of air travel safety!

Sequence from the crash as being captured live on tape

               Usually most of the crashes reported in this blog have many fatalities,families grieving and safety investigators scratching their heads as to what went wrong and brought the plane down.This crash though is  surprisingly  welcomed because it did not involve any death at all and many lessons can be learnt from it to improve the safety of the planes flying around the world right now.The idea of  crashing a big passenger plane remotely in a desert is not exactly new.
               NASA,28 years ago in 1984 crash landed a boeing 720(a variant of the famous 707) to test a new type of aviation fuel to minimize post crash fire and to document with crash dummies the effects on the human body.Coming back to the 727 case a pilot guided the plane to the desert and a few minutes before the crash he jumped off using a parachute,then another man in a following jet used a remote control to guide the plane in its last moments crashing in it hard down in the desert below.
               Compared to the NASA case also in this crash test dummies have been used as well recording equipment to help scientist understand better the causes of a plane crash and the necessary steps to avoid it happening again in the future.Discovery channel will use the footage of the crash to create a documentary about air safety,that will be screened later this year.What more can we say than "with our blessing!".

video of the crash

NASA's experiment of the 80's

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