Thursday, May 10, 2012

News: Brand New Sukhoi Russian Passenger Plane crashed on Demonstration In Indonesia All feared DEAD

Crash Site in the hillside of Mount Salak,Indonesia
        Russian's aviation industry received a serious blow yesterday when news broke out that a brand new Sukhoi Superjet 100 crashed in a demonstration flight with 45 people on board in the hills of a volcano in Indonesia,West Java.This was the second demonstration flight of this aircraft at that day with representatives from many airlines such as Aviastar Mandiri,Batavia Air,Pelita Air Service and Sriwijaya Air.The last contact the  Air Traffic Control had with the aircraft was when the crew requested a decent to 6.000ft(1.800m).The mountain hill that the plane had crashed is up to 2.200m,so early speculations are that the crash was due to bad planing and possibly weather as well that lead to it crash at speeds of up to 800km/h almost vertically to the hillside making search efforts looking totally hopeless.As we can see from the picture above almost nothing can be positively identified as a part from the plane suggesting the high rate of speed that the plane has hit the mountain.As i mentioned in the start of this thread this is a serious blow to Russia as it tries to prove that it can still create passenger planes even 20 years after the fall of communism in the country.The plane involved was undertaking a demonstration tour called "Welcome to Asia!" throughout Central and Southeast Asia,having previously visited Kazakhstan,Pakistan and Myanmar,have not crashed it would have gone to Laos and Vietnam as well for demonstration.At the time of the crash the company had 42 orders of the type from Indonesia,170 in total and was planning to produce up to 1,000 planes.Experts have criticised the aircraft on some minor counts, but there was never any real doubt about its safety or performance.
The Superjet made its maiden flight in April 2011. Since then, it has experienced some minor failures mainly associated with the landing gear.e then, it has experienced some minor failures mainly associated with the landing gear.Stay tuned...

The aircraft type involved SSJ-100