Monday, May 14, 2012

News: Agni Air - Dornier 228 crash in Nepal 15 people perished

The Plane that crashed 9N-AIG(photo:Courtesy of

     A plane carrying 21 people on board had crashed in Nepal leaving only 6 survivors with 2 of them being infants.The plane had crashed around 9:45 local time as it was trying to land again at Jomson airport after a failed go-around possibly due to strong winds.Police spokesman Binod Singh told the AFP news that "The plane had hit a muddy slope and is now burried in the side of the hill".Himalayas range is considered among the most difficult and dangerous places in the world to fly planes especially the small ones that are being used to transfer tourists,trekkers-mountaineers and locals among the small villages around the nepalese area.Last year 19 people were killed when a plane carrying tourists to view Mount Everest crashed outside Kathmandu.It is not the first time that Agni Air had a crash of that kind,in 2010 another dornier 228 in a flight between Kathmandu,Nepal and the infamous Lukla Airport(a.k.a Tenzing-Hillary airport named after the famous Everest mountaineers) crashed around half an hour after take off.The accident was attributed to severe weather and mechanical problems with the aircraft as well as spatial disorientation following the loss of a flight instrument leaving all 14 people on board dead.