Saturday, May 12, 2012

Update: Sukhoi Superjet 100 crash at Indonesia

 Above:Images from the crash site(click to enlarge)

      As rescue teams still collect dead bodies and remains from the crash site more details emerge such as that the plane was being flown from one of the Russia s best test pilots  Alexander Yablontsev and that the accident was caused possibly by CFIT(controlled flight into terrain) due to bad weather and flight planning.Because rescue was also hampered due to bad weather it is proposed that the pilot was showing off the planes capabilities to journalists and misjudged his altitude due to the fog and low visibility conditions and possibly descended too much for the plane's safety and integrity.News emerge also about the mountains attitude and rage against planes flying close to it.Three people were killed in a crash of a training aircraft not long before the SSJ-100 accident,18 people were killed in a crash of an Indonesian Air Force military plane in 2008, five people were killed in crashes of a small aircraft in June 2004, two in April 2004, seven in October 2003 and finally one in October 2002.Search for the black boxes which will shed light into the causes of the crash,will continue tomorrow.Still as well the total number of passengers is disputed between 45-48 on board the plane.More to come stay tuned!